Squeezebore galore


I got them because they look nice outside of the cartridge (and I can actually see them). 50cals, 9mm and 45ACP.


Nice photos Vlad. You really added to your collection on your last trip. The economy in NY must be a lot better than it is here in the great Southwest. ;)



The 50cals were squeezed by the tapered bore of the gun. Were 9mm and 45acp also projected to have tapered bore? Also, since squeeze bores were not capable of firing regular 50cals, how were the guns themselve labelled or marked on the outside to be differentiated from regular 50cal so nobody would try to load regular 50cal ammo?


Vlad, The 9mm and 45s had taper bore barrels. I understand that the .50 Cal guns used by the Navy on Swift boats had a normal barrel with a conical bore adaptor screwed on the end. Given the number of barrels a .50 can go through, this approach makes a lot more sense than having special taper bore barrels.

Others know a lot more about the .50 weapon than I do. I hope they will correct my errors above.

Cheers, Lew