SS-190 Schematic

Does anyone have a schematic of the projectile of the 5.7x28 SS-190 cartridge?

I don’t know of a shcematic of the sort you might see in a patent for the current-design ss190 used in the 5.7, but I was wondering if a certain patent from FN was probably referring to its precursor, the longer & pointier “ss90”. I posted a thread asking about it here, but nobody replied:

It is patent 5,012,743 and to me it looks like a patent for a concept by FN for the notion of having a high velocity projectile with a low-density core. The image depicted looks very much like the ss90 bullet and this patent may be what they ultimately would have applied with regard to intellectual property to the later ss190 in terms of design concept. There are plenty of decent ss190 section photos out there at least for a true look at the projectile’s parts.

It is my understanding that 5,012,743 is the patent upon which the SS90 projectile is based, yes.

What I am looking for is something like this for SS190.

If Fede, EOD, and Gyrojet (Harrie) don’t have this schematic in print or in pdf, then it must be a rare thing. I’ve never seen it online or anywhere, which is sort of strange come to think of it. I have only seen promo material from FN that shows photos of loaded rds.

I don’t think I have any serious schematic or drawing of the SS190 bullet, only this simple diagram published in a FN brochure from the early 2000’s. Measuring a sectioned specimen would be far more useful.

This is the 5,7x28 SS190 as officially described in the Royal Netherlands Army small arms ammuntion manual VS 9-846.
The numbers don’t indicate anything peculiar. The front core is made of steel, the rear core of aluminium, jacket is GMCS.

Thanks to both, that is helpful, but what I need most is a dimensioned drawing of the projectile.