SSA 7.6 2mm 30-06 headstamp

Headstamp is “SSA 7.6 2mm” Silver State Armory I am assuming, but the copper primer throws me…



that cartridge is fine. I have exactly the same one in my collection
Total weight of my cartridge is 370 grain


René - I agree completely that the cartridge lookls totally original and correct. However, I also agree with Joe. The domed copper primer does not seem to fit in with an interpretation of the headstamp as being Silver State Armory. It seems to be an older style of primer than the age of that company. Am I incorrect in that assumption? I could be. I am fairly up on the “look” of relatively current ammunition between all the handling of ammunition I have done from being an avid shooter, reloader, cartridge collector and firearms salesman, but I do NOT profess to be an expert on either primers or the .30-06 cartridge. The metric cartridge designation seems odd for this caliber if made by an American company, as well. Can anyone document the maker of this cartridge with a box label, catalog picture, or other source of information?

Great looking headstamp - a little eccentric with the gap in the caliber markings, but one I have never seen before. Thanks for posting such a good picture of it Joe.

I actualy have it as “unknown” headstamp in my collection.
Till now I haven’t found any evidence that Silver State Armory actually made own branded 30-06


René, my example weighs in at 369 grains exactly. All non magnetic. Primer looks professional and not a home handload job. So I do not know what to make of it.

John, thanks. I do very rarely see use of copper primers any more professionally. Jay Bell of MAST Technology, Inc, Jim Bell’s son, is manufacturing 40mm M781 rounds that have a 38 S&W case inserted into the base case which contains a M42 percussion primer that is made of copper. It is flat however and not domed.


Update 11/17/2015; This and other 30-06 rounds came from Fuller. As I was going thru his items, I was finding a lot of “Stuffers” as I call them. I asked Steve before his passing and he confirmed I will find several rounds including these headstamps that he manufactured. I think he just felt at times, some casings just needed a projectile to complete them. Now it makes sense as why he would from time to time ask me for certain projectiles and I would abide on our next shipment forth and back. I would always wonder as he only had a 9mmP carbine and no other firearms left as he told me. I have since found these headstamped casings with several different projectiles, military and otherwise loaded in them. I had also received his stash of this brass un-necked and annealed. He obtained the brass from Don Shapiro according to Steve. I still need to contact Don and ask if this is so and the story behind it. I wish I had the neck crimp die he used to make these, as it is a top rate job. It would be a better neck crimp die than the “LEE factory crimp die” I use for my MG reloads. I understand most of the other components and reloading equipment was liquidated at the last WSCCA Reno Nevada show. Steve was definitely an artizen and he liked to keep people guessing. I also have a large box full of un-necked 30-06 brass un-headstamped. He said he got it from Winchester as they were liquidating it for legal reasons being it was un-headstamped. Man I can make up some nice dingbats with this stuff… JUST KIDDING!


Ok, update 11/17/2015; Don Shapiro says he had SSA make about 500-1000 of these casings with special headstamp for Steve as my initial picture shows. They were made about 12 - 15 years ago. They were annealed and un-necked per Steve’s request. Steve necked them and made up diferent 30-06 novelty rounds out of them as he sought fit over time. There never was any factory loaded ammunition loaded with this particular headstamp supposedly, as this bunter was made special for Fuller. Don is looking for the bunter, as he has it somewhere. Yes I have requested it.