SSA ammo


This place is close to Las Vegas. Do they allow visitors to tour the facility? What is this red dot?




Do you mean it is expensive? It is made in a desert, and Vegas shows are expensive too!!!


Hmm and the hs looks Bosnian.


Vlad, I don’t know the answers to your questions, but that must be an old box you have. SSA relocated to Washington state a couple years ago, so don’t waste time looking for them in Nevada…


The date of January 2009 on the UPC code suggests that it had the price label put on right after the last presidential election when there was a lot of price gouging going on from some ammo sellers. Some was legitimate supply & demand and some was not. Hard to believe that demand for M80 ball would command such a price, but who knows.


I don’t know anything much about SSA other that I have seen their exhibit at Shot Show. I think they became prominent as one of the first commercial loaders of 6.8 SPC. I’d guess they are loaders, not manufacturers, and buy components from other sources. However, the box label suggests they make cases.

Their former location of Pahrump NV is known mainly for the area’s legalized brothels. A more interesting reason to visit Pahrump, but like the ammunition, they are also not cheap.