St. Louis International Cartridge Show 2019 Questions, Answers and Discussions

I have the table map of the St Louis show but is there any list of who will be at the numbered tables?

Contact Vic Engel.
Vic runs the show.

Bob is right, Vic runs the show and knows all but there are always maps outside the hall with all tables & numbers and who is at which table

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Vic said he does not have a list because of changes so I will check when I get there.
I was there last year and it was quite overwhelming. Much more then I had expected.
I hope to see some of the people I have bought from.

All the table holders wear badges,so connecting names with faces shouldn’t be too hard.

safe travels

Above my pay grade but always wanted name tags to indicate IAA membership so one might know who to “evangelize” too and wheel and deal preferential trades. But…that is a bit of a logistical headache as some pay membership at the show
‘Always a misconception that SLICS is an “IAA show”…which it is not and is clearly Vic’s efforts; rules and Regs. It’s a massive undertaking that show manager forefathers have carved and modeled each in their own preferences. We owe them all a debt of gratitude

Shake Vic (and crews) hand if u attend


Perhaps a little colored sticker that the IAA could provide for members?

Table-holders and buyers (attendees) are the lifeblood of the show and if it was perceived to be a slight not to be a “club” member (and they were singled out) it could be a an ill advised blow, hard to recover from, so my wish Is not a good one.

The option to check the printed roster isn’t viable either as the membership is always in flux and besides some wish not to be listed at all.

I respectfully withdraw my ignorant “wish”


A much more important question. What kind of food and drink is allowed on the floor?

You must promise not to spill any on cartridges, but I recall seeing quite a variety being enjoyed in the hall in the past.
The hotel restaurant is excellent (not cheap, but worth it).
Banquet food is usually quite good.
Free refreshments at the seminars Thursday are worth a whole lot more than the cost! (Nothing is ever free, so THANK YOU to those who actually paid for it!)
Bandana’s BBQ nearby is a favorite of many.

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Mmmmmmm…Bandana’s ribs are to die for, and the beans, potato salad, Texas toast…and Blue Moon. I think I just wet my keyboard.

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No Jon that’s beans & coleslaw…

Ech, too green…potatoes!!! “Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew!”

I hope somebody brings Belgian chocolate!!!


Maybe you mean Swiss chocolate? :-)

No, Belgian, like Leonidas. I have not had it for more than 40 years. But if no one is coming from Belgium, I’ll settle for Swiss.

I brought Texas vodka (right?!??!) last year. Any requests this year?

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Pepper is a gin collector
I am sure h‘ll appreciate a local bottle

unfortunately I‘ll miss this years SLICS
CU in 2020

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let’s drink Moonshine !!

I’ll bring gin made in Warwick, NY. Harrie, do you really want moonshine? I can pick up some on the way to SLICS.