St. Louis / SLICS?


Who’s coming this year?
As usual, I’ll be looking for metric-military below .50/12.7, especially 7.62 Tokarev and 7.63 Mauser. In addition, I like British military pistol and rifle (.380, .455, 4.85, 6.25, .270-.280/30, .276, etc.). Hope to see some of you there…no time like the present! You know you want to come!


I am working hard on being there. If I drive, I’ll bring TONS of my green plastic boxes, free.


I will be there again and hope to bring the same ‘teddy bear’ with me!
Looking for German and Japanese military Dummy Cartridges, Packaging and Cannon Links.


I will be there !!..As always, .30-40 Krag cartridges and boxes, 7 x 57, 7.65 x 54, 8 x 50R Mannlicher, 8 x 50/52R Siamese



I WILL get revenge for you posting that picture!

john M.


John, Promises, Promises…


I will be there! Bringing one 7.65 Mauser MFS 25, some 9 para, 10.4 Vetterli, some colored ctgs… and wine ! Impossible to miss, but still waiting for BATF doucuments.


I will as usual, with many new 9mm, other pistol, and .300 BLK headstamps.


God Willing. Hope to complete a WWI aerial flechette display. Will bring usual special purpose traders and seek the same. The “wierder” the better for special purpose seeking



Just booked the room a few days ago, so shortly after the show here we can get on the road for the biggie! Looking forward to seeing everyone!


I can dream, one day I will make it over the big pond.



I will be there. Arriving Monday and leaving on the Sunday after the show
Please see my want list under the buy/sell/trade.
looking forward to some nice additions to the collection.


I will be there for sure. Made a few new replicas for this year’s show.


You lucky people…from a kindred spirit, in a land; ‘far-far’ away.


And you can find him normaly on the floor. -:)


Until ITAR is repealed, this Canadian will live vicariously.


Congratulations Guys! We have reached a new milestone!

The IAA now has an official pinup, or perhaps pindown…

Or, maybe, it is the official IAA mascot.

Regardless SLICS would not be the same without him! PeterC, please make sure he comes with you, even if you have to use a sack.

I will be arrive at SLICS on Monday afternoon and will bring assorted junk. May try a small display this year if time permits.
Looking for 9mm Luger cartridges and boxes—as usual,

See you there.



Do I have to wear a collar and a leash, since being a pinup is
out of the question? That leaves me as a mascot. In that role,
I will likely excel, as we all know small elephants are cute. :-)

I don’t think I would like traveling in a sack, though. Perhaps a
large cardboard box, preferably one meant for cartridges, would
work out better.



Nobody has asked the most important question:

Whiskey, what kind and who’s bringing it?


I’ll be there, as usual, with a very wide assortment of things to sell, trade, and auction. This year I’m doing a display of .577 revolver cartridges with about 30 variations, box labels, an original cased ambrotype of William Tranter, and a Tranter .577 revolver as the display centerpiece. It’s very hard to complete with Pepper’s displays, but we’ll see. I’ll also have HWS Vols I and III, plus my Gyrojet book. And Glenfiddich Scotch, Strelok, but not for sale or trade.