St Louis SLICS

12 more hours and I start my journey. Hope to see plenty of newcomers! Because this is really a trip to do.
If someone has light german militaria 2nd WW, I am Always interested.
See you there

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bon voyage and see you monday

all others, safe travels as well and don’t forget to bring those 30-06

Rene, Your box is in the back of the car and we drive out early tomorrow morning. Should see you Monday afternoon!


This is my first time to the “big” show. I’m here now and I have a question.

How do I know what rooms and times for in room trading?


Most will arrive tomorrow and the trading starts then. There is usually a white board near the elevators and people write their name and room number! That should show up tomorrow.


Thanks! Looking forward to spending all my money!

I’m driving in mid aft. Avalanche truck can’t fit anything else. Amazing how space a 12’ display takes up. I can’t wait. Hope I don’t get a lead foot driving too fast in anticipation.


Rene, remind me in case I forget. I have a cardboard box for you to sort through. Emptied out my 06 drawer.

thanks Gary , looking forward to it

From Toronto to Terra Haute today with Jean, Will and Dwight.

See you tomorrow morning. Just 175 miles away!

Mel and Cathi leaving Murfreesboro this morning after a restful night. I claim the show’s largest sectioned round.

Larger than a 500lb Mk 82?

I’ve seen movies that start out just like that LOL!

I’ll make the trip one year…

One of the absolute coolest shows to attend and the room is a bargain during the show!


PS: Please :-)

Yes, we all need to be able to live vicariously through those who are able to attend!

What’s the scoop on dinners? We do we sign up?

You can get Friday night banquet tickets at the show entrance table.

OK, just finished packing. Up at 3 and off to the airport!

That was my first time to SLICS, I had a blast. The most fun was digging through the bins of cartridges where I found lots of awesome stuff.

I spent the last week driving across country and even went up to Kearny Nebraska to watch the Sandhill Crane migration on the Platte river.

Just got home today and I’m already dreaming of next years show!

Thanks to everyone who helps put on the show.

I sent some images to the IAA Instagram account but if anyone wants them, I have a couple videos and some pictures.


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IAA has an instagram account?