St.Louis War Memorial Museum

Just to show that there is more to St.Louis than SLICS (I hear those hatchets being put to a honing stone), here are pics from a small local museum about 15 min walking from the Arch.

Thanx big time for these fantastic pictures. Loved them!


I would like to point out that this museum and this photographer both have exqusite taste! The manican dressed in the sailor suite is wearing Dolphins, the insignia of a qualified Submariner (1940’s vintage). Note the silver pin on the left breast (still used today) and the cloth badge sewn on the right sleeve. I can’t see his rateing badge but he MUST be a Torpedoman, to look that good!

Man I’d love to have some of that stuff in my gun room! Another fine photo spread.

LOVE those 1940’s “camoflage” girls!


More girls for AKMS