St. Louis?

John’s latest post got me thinking.
Who is going to the St. Louis show? It would be nice to know who to look for, who to meet with…possibly even who to avoid.
I know many of the regular attendees, but there might be some newer members/posters who want to get together and meet their internet-friends.

Me. Can’t pass up an opportunity to annoy y’all in person.

The Dutch people(4) are also going to St-Louis
And we bring a lot of good stuff with us…
hope to see you all there…
kind regards

Ah, Dutch folks. None better. Can’t wait to meet y’all.


Rick (VanHouten)

Rick, what do you collect?

The Brits will be, or at least TonyE and John P-C will be.


That’s great! It will be a pleasure to meet both of you “in the flesh”, so to speak. John was a major functionary in one of my more interesting long-distance trades. Now I’ll get to do a proper thank you.

Hey Jon C.

Sadly, I’m one of those amassers vs collectors. Love the big stuff. APFSDS is my hero, what with all the tank rounds and torpedo gyros. And anything odd. Big into flares and flare guns as well. Spent about 3 hours at last years SLICS. Met Lew and Teak and Paul. ( By the way, any word on Teak?) Drove 5 hours up and 5 hours back. Planning on at least a one night stay this round.

Just noted that the Brits are coming! Hope I can get around to meeting you all. sentence deleted

I’m sure he would be happy to! ;)

PM sent.

Rick (VanHouten)

that name looks Dutch to me!!!

It is/was. Also, the best chocolate.

I think the fellowship of the event is the key to the whole thing…when we all jump back in cars and planes on the weekend…I think the overriding thought “is that flew by…and wished “I” had spent more time with so and so, or had met so and so”

I will be there “with bells on” (as the clich

Your humble webmaster wll be there, not to be confused with Chris B, our talented forum master, whom I hope will be there as well.
SLICS is a fun event- even for someone like me who is not really a cartridge collector. Hope to have some room in the car to load up with junque for resale.

Looking forward to see my friends again on the St. Louis show.


I’ve been to Chicago and St. Louis, but missed the last 2 shows there due to work. I won’t miss this one…looking forward to it.

Every year I plan on going, and every year something comes up and makes me miss it. This time I plan on driving all night to be there in time for the show to open on Saturday. I hope everyone will do me a favor and promise not to touch any 7.62x54R until I get there and decide if I need it first.

Eric Henderson

This is for slick rick
A van Houten tin

I’ll be there so bring those sacks of 9mmPara!!! I’ll get there on Wednesday and will have to leave on Friday evening. Hate to but no choice this year.

These shows are always great. I’ve been attending since 1968 in Chicago, and the only shows I’ve missed were the 1969 and the 74-76 when I was overseas. Great times with a lot of great friends. Also a lot of great cartridges!!!

I look forward to seeing you all there—the old friends, and an opportunity to meet new friends.

Cheers, Lew

Hey gyrojet

That’s right up my alley. One of your compadres(Rene K.) and I have done some trading for things like that in the past. Keep me in mind when you run across those tins. SLICS is not far off and we can come to terms on a trade during the show.


Rick vanSlick

The place to be…
Renaissance St. Louis Hotel Airport … l-airport/