St. Petersburg Artillery Museum



Hi Yuri
Very nice pict’s
Is it a big museum also ammo and arms



I could never find this place open when I was there. The Central Army museum in Moscow has some great old items out doors and photos of them ? There are some super museums in Russia with lots of German ordnance captured by the RED ARMY. My all time favorite display is the hall of standards at the Army Museum where all the capturered German unit standards are displayed. FANTASTIC.


The Kubinka - tank museum is awesome (hope visit it one day with cam). They even have Maus (Porsche 205) tank (resurrected from 2 destroyed prototypes).


Yes, I have seen that on line- very impressive.


Hi Yuri!

I visited the Artillery Museum in St. Petersburg about 3 years ago. I recognized that they have a museum library, but unfortunately it was closed when I was there.

Have you ever visited this library? Do they have Soviet military manuals? Can you loan these documents from the library, or do they have a photocopy machine?
If not, I would take pictures of entire documents with my digital camera …

Please let me know if you have any experience with this libray, thanks!

PS: The Kubinka tank museum is great, I was thewre 4 years ago and will go there in May this year again. I am very much loooking forward to that! However, they ask rediculous prices for a photo ticket, the permit you are allowed to take photographs with. I hope they don



If anybody is interested, I can offer a large number of photographs on CD-Rom that I took during my visits to different arms museums in Russia.

I have visited the following museums:

  • Artillery museum St. Petersburg
  • Tank museum Kubinka (near Moscow)
  • Central Army museum Moscow
  • Military aircraft museum Monino (near Moscow)

The pictures were made with a 4 megapixel digital camera and should fill an entire CD-Rom.

I once offered these photos to the European collector community, but the response was poor. Some even seemed to be offended by the fact that I asked for 10 Euros plus the costs of shipping and handling.

So, I don


I got a set of these CDs from Chris and they are FANTASTIC. He is a collector and takes pictures that way rather than the way a tourist would. DETAILED PHOTOS.HUNDREDS OF GREAT PHOTOS OF CAPTURED GERMAN ORDNANCE,SOVIET ORDNANCE,LEND LEASE ORDNANCE- old and new. THIS IS A FIRST CLASS TRIP TO MUSEUMS WHICH MOST OF US WILL NEVER HAVE A CHANCE TO VISIT.