Standard Arms .35 Rem with steel bullet

I hear tell of a Standard Arms Co. .35 Remington with a steel bullet, that has a tool inside, for some adjustment on the rifle. Does anyone have a picture of this bullet profile?


Dan, this wrench is used to adjust the gas port of the Stardard semiautomatic rifle. Cartridge case is headstamped STANDARD ARMS CO..

Thanks Fede,
A different profile than what I have in my case. Maybe I’ll get it
x-rayed or pull it. I’ve always liked that headstamp.


I ran across a Standard rifle about three weeks ago, but in .30 Rem. Was there any difference in the wrench for different calibers, or did the same wrench work with rifles in all calibers? I think the Standard was also chambered in .32 Rem and .25 Rem. These rifles are seldom seen at present, and this is the first I’ve seen about their being such a wrench.

Dan: a cheap noninvasive way to examine your cartridge would be to use a strong magnet (like one of those “rare earth” types that’ll pull your fillings out) to see how long the steel bullet in your case actually is. If it’s a conventional steel-jacketed bullet it shouldn’t be any longer than about the base of the neck. Jack

The Standard Arms cartridge with the tool has the “bullet” seated with the knurled ring outside the mouth and shows the profile Fede illustrated.

If your bullet looks like a typical .35 Rem. with a GM-jacketed or tinned GM-jacketed bullet it is a normal bullet and not the tool.

The tool round is such that it comes out of the case with just fingers, no X-ray needed. Also it’s blackened steel.

Thanks Jack,
Nothing detected until I got close to the shoulder. The “bullet” looks like solid steel, about 1.08 long, and nothing like a normal .35 Rem. Way to long to work in the gun. Nice crimp and primer, but someone must have made an ap, or proof:)

Dan, there is an inert cartridge like the one you describe with a wood piece resting inside the case and a total lenght of 74.66 mm/2.939". I’m not sure about its real purpose.

With the help of Fede and Bill W., my cartridge can be found in Buttweiler’s Auction IX No 3, item 341.

Thanks again guys!