Starline 7.65 French Long

Just got this today. First I have seen of this case type from Starline. Excuse the terrible scan. Best I can do with what I have. First new 7.65 French Long I have received in years. Thanks PG.

7.65 French Long Starline

John Moss

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Came out about a year ago, and there are some small reloading companies starting to market their wares. Maybe I sold my 1935A too soon!

Good to know. Admittedly, I don’t look up and keep track of these product lines like I used to. Too hard, normally, to get single specimens anyway. I guess I had best look up Starline and run an up to date list of their product line. I used to have both a 1935A and a 1935S. Didn’t shoot either, but much preferred the Model 35S. Don’t think much of the caliber though. I did also have a MAC Model 1950 in 9 x 19 mm, much of the design of which was just an enlarged Model 1935S. I did shoot it once in awhile. Not exactly a match pistol for accuracy, but sufficient for military use, and it worked well.

John Moss