Statement of Guns for Royal Air Force

A summary of experimental guns procured or on order for British military aviation.

Although it’s undated, as it refers to the RAF it must be later than April 1st, 1918 when the RAF was formed by the joining together of the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS).


I saw another version of this in the PRO and included the data in the book Flying Guns: World War 1. The only difference is that the date was included: July 1918.

Note that although only one Vickers 1 inch was made in the UK (this still survives in the NFC at Leeds), production took place at the Vickers Terni plant in Italy, and the gun saw some use in Italian planes (I have seen a photo of one misidentified as the 25.4 mm Revelli-FIAT). After WW1, it was adopted for Swedish submarines and also cropped up in other places - I was recently sent photos of one on an AA mounting in the Sino-Japanese war of the early 1930s.