Stealth Brass

Just purely out of curiosity, since I have several hundred of them (5.56x45), how common is, as I refer to it, stealth brass, or sanitized brass; meaning brass with no headstamp whatsoever?

Quite common. I got several hundred kg. Mixed in with properly Headstamped brass from the SWPacific area ( we are cartridge case remanufacturers for sporting use). All were Boxer .223/5,56;
Resemble CJ ( Chinese Norinco Subsidiary production.)
Good Quality reloadable Brass…we use it for making Movie Blanks in 7,63 Mauser, 7,62 Tokarev, Various 9mm cartridge blanks ( Corto, Para, Steyr, Largo, ).

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Well, I know for a fact that they came from US govt. M262 ammo . . . How does that affect the source potential?

China is only a possible source;
The circumstances of source could’ve of different manufacture
(? USA)…what was the other ammo; what is “M262”?

A clearer description required, it is like finding a human bone without any archeological context…

Doc AV

M262 is the NATO (primarily U.S.) 77grain, 5.56x45 cartridge, and highly preferred over any other other load. I got hold of a quantity of once-fired military brass and found a bunch of it had no headstamp. I thought this to be interesting.

Possibly the Mark 262 (Mk-262) Mod 0 or Mod 1, Black Hills 5.56x45mm ammunition loaded with 77 grain OTM purchased by US Navy and USMC. The Mod 0 was a Sierra 77gr Matchking. I believed they switched to a Nosler 77gr Custom Competition bullet with the Mod 1 variant.

All the mk262 i’ve seen is heavily head stamped and scamped, almost to the point of being unreadable.

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And this is how the once fired brass looks.

And this is the stealth brass. I note that it has a three point crimp and the (WCC) MK262 has a circular crimp. So, I’m not sure whare it was produced or if it was MK262.

Now that I’ve taken a better look at the crates, I note the Black Hills indicator on the lot numbers, but I don’t recall seeing Black Hills on any of the mil once-fired stuff. Does Black Hills use anyone elses brass for mil loading?

Very interesting! Finding USGI Brass without any headstamp is exceeding unusual - in my experience. Considering I was a Range Officer and also oversaw an Arms room for an Army Fort - I’ve seen some ammo move through the system. Admittedly - this was an Army Installation, not a Navy Base… so maybe unheadstamped ammo is common in the USN & USMC.

To answer (at least partially) your question, I know for certain that at least in the early years, Black Hills bought and loaded other manufacturers’ brass. What their brass production capability is today - I do not know.

Please, can you post a focused closeup picture of the unheadstamped cases?

This is unsupported info, but I remember some conversations with former SPECOPS and Army & Navy Int/MI/CIC/G2 guys about wanting “ghost brass” so that whatver is left behind does not get tracked to indicate country of origin, or country of use, so no head stamp makes sense for certain operators.

Oh, absolutely. That’s why I grabbed the stuff when I found it. You never know when you might need something like that!
I’m working on the better picture for Fede, but the phone is taking it’s good 'ol sweet time about sending it. I’ll post it as soon as I can.

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The Black Hills Mk262 i’ve seen uses LC brass

I’ll have to dig through the pile and see what I find. I’ve only got about 20,000 case left . . . (this may take awhile).

Went into a couple of those crates and it appears that all, or at least most is WCC brass. I guess I’ll have to contact Black hills and see what they have to say.

Here’s another shot of the ‘stealth’ stuff. It has been cleaned, resized and de-capped, but that’s it.

Most likely, the photo shows the casings produced by “Geco” Germany, and it is very strange that the Mk262 was loaded into this case.

I’m doubting that it was loaded with the 77 grain projectile, and tending toward a 55 grain bullet. My question at this point would be who uses the three point crimp?

Thank you all for your input thus far.

I have seen 3-point primer crimp on military brass made by Remington, Winchester, FN, Salt Lake, and probably at least two others, but what I can not remember is if it was ‘punch’ crimps, or longer ‘line’ crimps like those shown above.
Other than FN I can not think of any foreign manufacturers that I am familiar with.
I am also interested in possible origins…