Steel Case .410


At our local gun show yesterday, I found this .410 steel cased cartridge.

I am well aware that there are aluminum case .410’s designated as “survival” cartridges, but have not come across a steel case until this one.

Regular “survival” cartridges tend to be loaded with shot, while the one I picked up yesterday has a slug.

The headstamp looks to be of foreign manufacture. So far I am unable to identify the maker. Can someone please help me with this one for identification?

Ps: Sorry for the poor photos…

Thank you!




Just as an example, here is a photo showing part of a Barnaul cartridge display board including .410:

From the Barnaul Machine – Tool Plant webpage :

“Barnaul Ammunitions Company manufactures .410 cartridges with steel seamless case that do not have any of the above-mentioned defects. These loads are keenly sought after in Russia and abroad.”


Brian, thank you for the quick reply!

I think you may be correct with Barnaul. I Googled “Barnaul Logo” and the following image came up:


Perhaps it is this company logo which is on the headstamp!

Many thanks!!!





I never thought to Google the logo.



Here’s a pic of one I sectioned years ago.



Wonderful work Paul!

This shows how the black plastic sabot holds the slug in place!

Thank you gentlemen!