Steel Core and Projectile Length 7.62x54r


7.62x54r silver tip light steel core with steel jacket, steel case, headstamp 21/76, Hungray
7.62x54r yellow/silver tip heavy steel core with steel jacket, copper washed steel case, headstamp 21/70, Hungray
2.23x45 M856 tracer with steel cased L110 projectile, headstamp wcc/96 Nato
2.23x45 M855 steel core with SS109 projectile, headstamp LC/08 Nato
Need different twist barrel for the 2.23x45, but the 7.62x54r can be shot out in the same twist


You do some lovely sections. I really must compliment you on them. Have you ever considered compiling them all into a book?


Thanks for taking a look and liking what you see. Always good to here a compliment. Never considered book. Besides can’t spell or write and don’t have a clue to what I’m saying. Book no good idea.


I’m enjoying your posts. Keep that chain saw going. ;)

You might think about putting them together for a JOURNAL article. You don’t have to know good English to do that. That’s why we pay our Editor big bucks. You should do it while you still have enough fingers left to type. On second thought, you only need one. ;)

BTW, the little ones are 5.56mm. Not to be confused with the .223 Remington.