Steel Ridge 9mm w/ Sumbro headstamps

Today I received a box of 50rds of 9x19 124gr Sierra Hollow Points as loaded by Steel Ridge ammo. Steel Ridge is one of the many U.S. manufacturers of ammo using once-fired brass, and commercially available components. The reason I had ordered this particular box (from was because I had seen an image online of this particular type having no headstamp, and I was hopeful that I might receive that version with this box, though I knew it would be a random shot as they use different brass. Instead of sterile headstamps, I received Sumbro brass (once fired & re-processed I presume), which is the first time I have seen Sumbro brass on anything other than the FMJ factory-original Sumbro loads. The primers are silver-colored, which differs from Sumbro’s original gold-color, and I just wanted to point the existence of these out in case anyone encounters them loose out of box:

DK, Too bad they were not the unheadstamped cases. That would be interesting! I wonder who was making them???


Not sure, but the photo was on their Facebook page. The link is here, but I’m not sure that those without a logged-in Facebook account will be able to see this link:

I cropped, saved & uploaded the particular photo as well. Maybe something which they buffed down for some reason? Although other photos of various calibers on their Facebook page do show random commercial headstamps such as the increasingly common “DRT”.