Stembridge movie blanks for sale


I have quite a few of these blanks and a few 45-70 boxes. the Thompson boxes are in nice shape but the 45-70 boxes are in terrible shape. If anyone out there wants a box or two PM me I am not looking for much more than shipping. There are more blanks that I will have soon if there is anyone who collects these let me know.


Got mine already! Fash shipping . . . Thanks again!


I would be interested to hear the price of these, as would like to have them. I have a number of Stembridge
boxes, what with living in California, but these are label variants to any I have.

Please let me know price, method of payment, etc. Please contact me at my personal email address which I am sure is with my personal data page on this Forum. I seldom look at the "for sale part of the forum.

John Moss


Not sure if still available, buy I would be interested
Dave Call