Stencil for 2 cm 151/20 shell


I search the total developed stencil noted on the german WWII shells of 2cm 151/20…pictures, drawings …
2cm "M” Geschosse Übung o.zerl ,2cm Panzergranatpatrone Übung 151/FFM o. Zerl., 2cm Sprenggranatpatrone L’spur 151/FFM mit Zerl, etc etc…
I not easy to get the entire stencil, without having the model.!
thank you all
example found on internet:


The one you are showing is a 20x138B naval SAPHE-SD-T.


Is just for example, We can see the totality of the stencil , I seek for that… If you have The same thing for 20X 138B or 20X80, I Take!!..