Stephen Grant, Joyce and Lion pinfire shotshells


Great images, thanks. I have a (probably) strange question. Are there any ammo manufacturers who still produce pin fires (on a lot-to-lot basis of course)? Or this type of ammo is totally absolete with no new production whatsoever?

Pretty sure this Stephen Grant has the same headstamp. And for what ever it’s worth here is an impressed variation of the Mark of a Lion headstamp. Red paper hull.


Vlad I think in the 1950’s-60’s some plastic cased revolver calibers were made but for the most part the production of pinfires ended in the 1930’s. So a 100 year or so run.

Forgot to add also some all-plastic shot shells were made around the same time.


Here is another lion

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Wow that is crazy!

Both show a 10 ga .headstamp, but the one with the impressed headstamp looks much smaller than the raised HS, in all 3 photos?

The raised variation appears to be the same as Aaron’s? & for what ever it’s worth, I also have that variation.

Hi pete.
That’s probably because of the angle the pictures were made
And the one with the headstamps is because the Loewe is a shorter case.
I measured them and the difference between them is less than 1 mm. Measured at the rim.

Thanks, Rene I thought you might have had a genuine misrake with that one!

To sksvlad and Pete.

Interesting plastic pinfire cases. Are the orange revolver rounds made by Spalek?
I have a black case headstamped: SPALEK. ARM. 7 and I guess there were 9 &12mm too.

The 2mm pinfire blanks are still currently made for the berloque key-ring pistols so the pinfire rules for at least 1850-2020 (170 years) ?

Some UK company was selling modern re-sized rim cases for reloading c.2000 and I got some.
Blue with a brass removeable centre to load the cap. I also got some Spalek 16ga orange cases at the same time and an empty 12ga Spalek pinfire packet.

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Hi Ron
yes both the revolver and the shotshell are by Spalek except the left side orange example above is without a headstamp. Every one of the shot shells is splitting at the mouth
Been looking for the black ones & now seeing the reloadable you show I can add those to my want list. How does it dissemble for re-priming?
Neat packet, had not seen that before.

Here is the primer cap holder. Made from brass. Brass pin.
7.7mm long. 8mm rim. 6.2mm diam. 0.6mm rim thickness. 4.6mm cap hole diameter.
The V slot lets the flash through to the primer.
I guess some primers or caps work OK by the pin hitting the primer compound.

Edit. Who can supply the address of Spalek Arm?


I have one that is similar to this I’ll have to find and post.

I also have and shoot the H&C Collection reloadable cases.

Aaron, I have never heard of these items or H&C. What Company?

I linked to the company in that post.

They aren’t cheap but they work well.

They have fancier kits for the pistol sizes.