Stephen L Fuller of San Jose California has passed

Steve Fuller passed away Friday the 13th of November 2015 of medical ailments. All I can say with sorrow in my heart is he will be sorely missed.

For lack of better terminology, there will be a writeup in various journals.

Joe Adashunas

An all-around good guy, very knowledgeable & will for sure be missed.
Rest in peace Steve, may you find lots of great 45’s. 06’s & 7.9 headstamps.

With Steve having been in Hospice only a few miles from my house, I cannot begin to express my regret that due to circumstances of my own that prevented me from visiting him even once, I had to find out on this Forum that my friend of over 50 years has passed.

Steve was the first cartridge collector I met personally when I discovered I was not the sole person on planet earth to enjoy collecting cartridges as much as I enjoyed shooting them. At the time, he was living in a private home, as I recall, in Santa Clara. He had not take over even the first apartment house he was involved with, or moved to the second where he lived until place in the Hospice Home just south of where I live.

I basically have been in close contact with him all my adult life. He introduced me, soon after we met, to Sal Guarini, one of our hobbys early “shaker and movers.” Sal had what was at the time, one of the most important collections in America, and as I recall, was one of the early presidents of what became IAA. Both are now gone from our ranks, but for me, neither will be forgotten for whatever time is left to me. It would be impossible to detail the cartridges and information that passed between us in all those years, or the miles put on both of our cars passing between my home and his, and vice-versa.

He will be personally missed, as well as leave a hole in all the cartridge get togethers and shows that he regularly attended and helped out with.

I would like to note also something many knew, but probably not all that knew him. Steve was a Veteran of the United States Navy and served on an aircraft carrier as an ammunition handler during the Korean War. He also was heavily involved with some charity for youngsters, I believe, in which postage stamps played a role. I never was clear on what it was.

His passing diminsihes the membership rolls of our hobby. So long pardner.

Joe, thanks for taking on the sad duty of informing us of the loss of a friend to the whole hobby.

Steve was always generous sharing his knowledge and published a number of books, often based on government documents, or compilations of materials from many sources into a single handy reference. These were always reasonably priced and very useful to both cartrdige and arms collectors.

His auctions at SLICS were well run, and redistributed vast amounts of material to other collectors to enjoy. I hope that someone will take up his banner and carry on that tradition.

He will be missed, indeed.

I will miss his late-nite calls (he wasn’t too good with the PA/CA time differences), friendly little notes, and books he sent that I just had to read.
A gentleman who will be sadly missed.

Very sorry to hear of steves passing. Great memories of john moss taking myself and ray glazbrook down to.san jose and being let loose amongst steve’s dupes, not to mention enjoying the privilege of sharing company and knowledge of two of the greats of our hobby. I will miss receiving those postage stamp festooned envelopes.

Peter Cobb

One of my comrades-in-arms regarding 30-06 collecting has passed away.

Steve was a great character, always willing to share information and discussing cartridges.
He will be truly missed . . . . .



If you wish to see his Monument, look to his Collecting Interests.

Doc AV

For several years now my table at SLICS has been next to Steve’s table. I will miss him greatly and SLICS will not be the same without him. The first cartridge show I ever attended was the first SLICS show and I will never forget the first time I seen Steve. I could not believe anyone could know so much about ammunition. I am still amazed. So long my friend.

Stephen’s knowledge and companionship will be sorely missed at our chili bean get-together’s. Good friend and collector.