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Hi, my name is Christian and I am the guy behind I have collected ammunition and information of Swedish military fine calibre ammunition for the last 25 years. I do my best to compile my findings in as good as I can. I am Swedish, so not speaking native English and that is showed here and there in the texts for sure. I have enjoyed reading this forum for some time now, and the quality and skills is splendid, and it is probably no item I have been able to answer for without someone of you experts has already given the answer for. I hope I in the end can fill a gap somewhere.

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Hi Christian, and welcome to the forums. I’ve used your website for information on Swedish .38 Spl, 7,62x51, 6,5x55, 8x63 and 9x19 for some time now - thank you for the excellent information you keep track of there!

I’ll send you a mail re: a Swedish 7,62x54R I don’t see listed on your website.

All the best

Hi Ole!

Please send a email :) The work with is continuously developing, and the scarce time is the main trouble. I have items to publish for the coming years and one day, maybe I will be in line with the basics from the year 2000 and backwards. I am happy to have several supporters in Sweden and Norway sending pictures or lending me objects to take pictures of.

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Welcome! I have used your website often. A great research source.

If I can help, let me know.


I love your site Christian! It led me to finding the crown jewel of my collection, the 6.5mm pprj. Thanks so much for tge information you’ve posted.


Great website Christian! Tom from snowy Minnesota

Thank you all for your kind words.

Tennsats, I have sent you a mail.

Lew, I know that I have promised you some artickes, need to find a moment to compile the pdf’s. I also believe I have a 9x19 for you, just need to figure out a hand over.