Stergian Rifle Charger

Does anyone have a picture of the charger used by the 10-shot Stergian repeating rifle? It was tested by the French and US Government in 1916 and 1917, respectively.

There is a very smal reference about this rifle, with a different picture in Hatcher’s Notebook, p. 157, but the document does’nt show the clip.

Another source says it was a Greek weapon…? true or not?

And another one says it was offered for sale in an old Bannerman catalogue (which I do not own)

If anybody has anything better, I would deeply appreciate…


The rifle was patented by Demetrios Stergianopulos, a Greek national in 1911.

Google the US patent number 299271 . The drawings on page 2, of the Savage style rotary magazine do show a 7 round charger. That is possibly the best one can get unless a surviving example shows up for sale.

Somewhere I have a little more info on the the rifle, I beleive the actual working prototype(s) where made by converting '03

There is also a mention of a Stergian Repeating Arms Co., Chicago whose President is listed as D. Stergian. This little snippet says that the company was" setting up to manufacture sporting rifles,shotguns,rapid fire military rifles,revolvers and novelties" in 1921.

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Phil and Scott, thanks for this information. I have copies of the US, British and French patents, some articles and also a brochure describing various types of rifles, including Springfield conversions and a sporting model. However, none of these illustrates the charger.

Here is the only view of the charger shown in the US Patent application, actually No. 299271.

It seems to show a version of the Mauser pattern of charger with a channel and a cartridge retaining spring. The picture showing the rifle isn’t quite clear enough to make out the charger so this is the best there is for now.

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Peter, thank you very much for posting this, the British and French patents also shows the same drawing. This picture of the sporting rifle is more clear than the one I posted before. Also, I have no idea about the caliber of the cartridges mounted in this charger but are similiar in shape and lenght to a .30 Remington.