Sterile 5.45x39mm cartridge

Hi guys,

I have the sterile 5.45x39mm cartridge pictured below

Does anyone have any information on this round such as manufacturer and possible production period?

Thank you

Your cartridge is possibly East German (DDR/GDR). I have in my DDR collection a round that looks the same, except my primer is dark. Unfortunately I have no time at the moment to see if mine has a steel primer. Yours is obviously black.

I don’t recall the earliest date I have on DDR 5.45 rounds, but I would think if it is from that country, it would be a pre-production run, unless it was made for clandestine purposes.

John Moss

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I agree with John, to all we know by now it is GDR made.

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Thank you!

Agree, it looks like an 05 in every aspect.


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