Sterling Hill Mining Museum


This is The Sterling Hill Mining Museum, an old mine converted into a not-for-profit museum manned by volunteers with the most dazzling fluorescent mineral collection imaginable. There is even ammo in it (sorry, used my son’s phone camera, photo quality suffers).

The gentleman conducting my tour is a chemical engineer considering ammo collecting, so I’ve told him about IAA and how all you guys are smart and nice, so don’t let me down. The museum does have a really breath-taking glowing mineral display, you go deep underground and see the walls glowing. Really cool for me, and I am not usually into rocks unless they explode. There is a neat dynomite computerized simulation of how the tunnels were created when you get deep into the mountain. If you are ever in Northern New Jersey, I highly recommend this place.


Well, here is a mine and museum tour for those who appreciate claustrophobia, dynomite and detonation. … slideshow/