Sterling shotshells

I have found these shotshells from Sterling - London, but I don’t know anything of a compagny by the name Sterling in London. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks.

picture of the headstamp please


Here are the headstamps in the same order:

I also have a Sterling - extra prima with a Nobel Glasgow headstamp.

These were likely made for Simonsen & Nielsen A/S in Copenhagen, Denmark. As far as I can tell this company registered the “Sterling” trademark for ammunition for the first time in 1912, and then also 1921 and 1935. It was also applied several times after WWII until 1981. You may try contacting the Danish shotshell collectors club for more information.

Hi Fede,

Thank you very much for the information, the shotshells were found in Denmark. Where can you see, that Simonsen & Nielsen A/S in Copenhagen has registrered the trademark “Sterling”. And by the way I am a member of the Danish shotshell collectors club, and some of us are very interested in Sterling shotshells just as the British collectors.


Hi Lars,

Did you read the latest UKCC journal?
They have a short story about these Sterling shells.
I believe they ‘think’ these are made by Nobel.
The crown on the Sterling shells is similar to the Nobel’s Coronet crown.

This is all I can tell you about them.

BTW nice Black powder one, never seen it before.


Hi Lars,

Sorry, I should have assumed that you were a member. Here is a copy of the earliest trademark registration for “Sterling” which comprises arms and ammunition. Later applications are much more generic and cover a lot of different products (bicycles, motorcycles, etc.). Also, in 1921, at about the same time this trademark was renewed, Nobel presented several Danish trademarks applications for their British shotshells brands (Clyde, Nile, etc.). This may have some relation with the timeframe when some of these shotshells were made.



Hi Fede,

that is great information, completely new for me. Simonsen & Nielsen was a Danish wholesaler at that time. I just wonder at the question, is Sterling a special brand of shotshell only for the Danish market, and made by Nobel?

Here are pictures of a Sterling with Nobel headstamp:

The headstamp could be from around 1920.

Rene - thanks for mention UKCC Journal, I will take a look.

Hi All,

New to the forum so let me know if I do anything I shouldn’t!!

Thoughts to date are;
Was this a way that Nobel’s (a Scottish company) tried to get a “London” head stamp without up setting their Scottish connections?

I am sure I have seen an advert for a registration of a firm/company in London called Sterling but can’t find it for looking.

Would really like any other thoughts that anybody has on these cartridges, I have a couple more not shown here.


Hi Mike,


Please show the others you have!

Regards rené

I have found a Danish add for the Sterling shotshells:

My questions is: are there some adds for Sterling Shotshells from other countries or are Sterling a brand made by Nobel, Glasgow only for the Danish market?

[quote=“polman”]Hi Mike,


Please show the others you have!

Regards rené[/quote]

Hi Rene,

Been a long time, how are things?

As requested some more pictures added (assumes I can remember how to use Photobucket, lol)

20 bore Side View 1

20 bore Side View 2

20 bore Head Stamp

16 bore side view

16 bore Head Stamp

16 Bore Over Shot Card

Interestingly the last cartridge looks to be original!! and the OSC is by Boss? The 20 bore has not been fired but somebody has pulled the load at sometime. I am guessing, so that it could be posted? purely an assumption.

Everything you see seems to push as them trying to get a London “name”


Hi M89,

So if my translations holds up we now have pictures of 4 of the cartridges from Jim’s add. Just the Dense powder (which I take to be leaflet type powder) one to trace.

I have seen all of the other before (but not one on a Nobel Glasgow HS) that’s nice to see thank you.

As to them being just for a Danish market not sure, somehow I don’t think so unless the order was for a few 100,000’s, Nobel where not renowned for printing cases cheaply or for low quantities. I am reasonably confident I have seen an advert for that brand name in a London location but I now can’t remember where I saw it.


m89, great ad, thanks for sharing. Do you know its date?

The ad is from 1914, and in 1913 there was an ad almost identical.