Still more colored tip 22 LR's

Here are several more 22 LR’s with colored tips, proof, explosive, tracers??22 colored bases profile 3


The GG also appears to be a tracer.

Thanks Pete I though that was the case. The 2 Super X rounds I had listed as possible explosive bullets but had no facts to back it up just hear say.


The two examples on the left are found in different packages and bags by All Purpose Ammo, Inc. (APA), Copperhill, TN, and later Seneca, SC. Tip colors vary (yellow, orange, red, dark red), but all labels are simply marked “Tracer”, so I don’t what what they really mean. Maybe just a different color trace?

From 1994 catalog:



Thanks Fede just goes to show you can’t believe ever thing you hear.


I’ve been trying to identify a number of explosive rounds, and about the only reliable way I’ve found so far is to obtain a full package, then make detailed comparisons. I’ve been given so many stories, rumors, etc that for identification it is all I’m accepting anymore. Literature is scarce, and also in most cases unacceptable for identification. To date I’ve only been able to confirm three brands of .22 ammunition that was explosive loaded: Bingham Devastator in .22 short, LR and magnum, Rhino “Blammo Ammo”, and the currently available Firequest Devastators.

Of these the Bingham Devastators were by far the most interesting, first trialed with a tiny aluminum tube filled with RDX explosive, later replaced with the “standardized” tube of lead azide. About six months after Hinckley’s assassination attempt on President Reagan ATF served Bingham with a “cease and desist” letter identifying that they saw these particular rounds as a violation, any further sales would be seen as a “willful violation”. Bingham took the ATF to court, Bingham lost. By 1985 all Bingham property was up for sale in auction.

USSubs thanks for the information.

Here’s another one. It’s a 22 Stinger case with a small screw crudely placed in the tip then the bullet tip painted red. Legit round or “Gun Show Special”?

22 Ominishock blt 22 OminishocHS


Looks pretty “gunshow” to me. I know that there were larger caliber rounds with screws in them (cheap AP etc) but I hope that they were better done than that.