STINGER BORE CLEANER shotgun shells - 12Ga. & 20 Ga

For those of you with a hankerin’ for oddball cartridges, here’s a fine offering.
Primer powered; shoots/ejects a string attached to felt cleaning pads that are impregnated with cleaner and oil. Then pull through. Not sure of their practicality, and fer sure ain’t worth the price, but odd enough that I just had to get some. Each cartridge is wrapped in cellophane.
The 12 Ga. HS: Star-12-STAR-12
20Ga. HS: FIOCCHI - 20
Tried a scan, but the cellophane mucks up the picture.
Here they are:


Yep. I’ve seen these in a rather up-scale shooting supply catalog and was rather dumbfounded; after all: