Stoeger 1942 catalogue

Is there any trick in scanning pages from old catalogues/books without destroying them? The bound part of the book curves and does not scan well.

Vlad–Depending on the way your scanner is made you might be able to do as I do in these cases. With my scanner I set it up near the edge of my desk so the book can be laid on the scanner glass opened to a 90 degree angle with half of the book hanging down over the edge of the scanner and desk. With my scanner (Canon Canoscan N670U) I lose about 1/2 inch near the binding due to the width of the side rail of the scanner.

Your local library may have a “real” book copier that will scan almost the entire page right to the spine. That would give you a “copy” of the pages that you want and then you can scan those pages to digitize them. Newer copiers will give you a choice of hard copy or digital file.

Unfortunately, books are mostly disassembled to be entirely digitized.