Stolen gov ordnance via Erion


I just read in an inert ordnance collectors group page on Facebook that any & all of the rare expensive modern ordnance items sold recently by Wright Erion was stolen government property. His (or her?) Ebay name was / is bucknsteeler, and this is where much of it was sold. The feedback listing for that name shows most transactions from over a year ago, but still in the last 2 years, with a decent list of ordnance items, below just a snapshot of some. It doesnt mean anything to me, but there are sure to be some people being contacted.



The Excalibur and PGK, man that’s terrible.


If anyone bought something from bucknsteeler, here is Army CID


Yeah, the contact name I had seen was U.S. Army EOD Jason Cox out of Fort Lee, VA. The more I think about it, the more surprised I am that the seller so brazenly sold everything online. I mean the EOD tech above - Jason is a member in the Inert Ord. collector group on Facebook for God’s sake, and how many sectioned Excaliburs could there possibly be out there for private consumption? The answer is apparently supposed to be zero. I can’t blame the buyer - that was a rare opportunity which came from an intermediary as I understand anyway.


CID ruthlessly goes after all sorts of .mil gear sold. Body armor, night vision and ACOGs are all very hot items stolen and sold. I don’t think will let those be sold on the forum anymore unless you have a receipt for it from a retail vendor.


The same thing happens here in the UK as well. I once witnessed plain clothed police officers confiscate a current issue combat helmet from a seller at a militaria show. They explained to the seller that it was part of an investigation into the theft of military stores.

British current issue practise grenades are also apparently all stolen items as none have ever been released for sale to civilians.

It seems that it is good practise to exercise caution with current issue items from the same country you are in.