STOPPER 9 ammo made by SNC of Canada

Recently there was some of this 9x19mm ammo offered on GunBroker, but I have not heard of it. It is described as 115gr FMJ, so what is the “Stopper 9” all about?


Lew, this is an “old” ammunition box by SNC which was apparently made exclusively for the Canadian market, and its trademark was filled on April 5, 1990 and inactivated on March 20, 1992, which may account for its scarcity. Rounds inside are headstamped IVI 9mm LUGER.

John Moss sent me the following:


Here are the two sides to the STOPPER 9 boxes - English and French language. Lot Number IBHF2 contained IVI 9 m m LUGER headstamp brass case, nickel primer, no seals, FMJ GM RN bullet, in a white styrofoam insert. Lot KGH2 has Fiocchi ammo of the same characteristics, packed in a red styrofoam insert. Aside from a small different in the printing font on the end labels only, the two boxes are identical. Bullets for both are 115 grains. There is no mention on the “Italian” box of being of Italian, or any other country, origin. Side labels say only "SNC INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES INC., QUEBEC, CANADA, on two lines. One side is in English; the other in French.

It is clear these were not for export, as there is no “Keep out of the reach of Children” warning anywhere on the box, in any language. Note the warning about ear and eye protection on the top labels, though.
Evidently that is required in Canada.

You can post these on the Forum if you wish, along with my comments. Up to you. Fede might like the information.

John M.

John, great information and pictures! Thank you very much.