I would like to know who invented this bullet and who made it in the past and still makes it nowadays.
This is a proprietary bullet typical of Vom Hofe cartridges ( at least I have seen it on Vom Hofe cartridges only).

I know that DWM produced Vom Hofe ammo in the past as did Norma and probably Hirtenberger ( same hds). Wolfgang Romey still makes Vom Hofe ammo ( hds with pentagons)

A friend of mine says it is a brenneke development ( full name Brenneke Torpedo Stopring) and assures that he saw it in an old RWS catalog. So, according to him, RWS made this bullet in the past, but I doubt this can be true.

The box in the picture has a Hirtenberger label, look at the picture on the side. The cartridge DIDN’T CAME from the box,and, as you can see, has a different bullet

This is a Walter Gehmann (Karlsruhe) trademark on the box. This means post WW2, because Gehmann was employed by DWM Lübeck before.

Yes, but it is not clear who invented that kind of bullet. Gehmann? Brenneke? Vom Hofe? DWM?

Pivi, the “Stropring-Geschoß” was introduced by Walther Gehmann c. 1955-56 and made for him by IWK. It was also designated “ToSto”, which stands for “Torpedo-Stopring”.

As to who “invented” this bullet, that would be difficult to answer because Gehmann was never granted with a patent covering this design, but information available doesn’t indicate earlier use of this design/designation by Ernst vom Hofe or others.

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do you have any info about thisVom Hofe bullet too?

Pivi, this bullet is designated “Tombakmantel mit verdeckte Hohlspitze 25 mm lang 5 g” and was a vom Hofe development specifically made for the 5.6x61 and 5.6x61R cartridges. It was reintroduced by Walther Gehmann (IWK) at about the same time as the Stopring, and its new designation was “Teilmantel-Spitz verdeckte Hohlspitze 26 mm lang 5 g” (English designation was “Hollow aluminium point lubaloy jacket 77 gr”).

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