Stores Release Cartridge?

Have a recent addition. Possible Stores Release Cartridge??

WCC 42 Brass case with brass large round domed primer. Empty casing other than being primed.

length: 1.329
Base Width: .380
End of neck: .373
Rim diameter: .470
Rim thickness: .030

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What is “stores release cartridge”?

Could also be a “Bag Gun” primer.
155 mm guns used primers that looked very much like that.

“stores release cartridges” deliver the energy to operate a mechanism that drops a bomb or an external fuel tank or something like that from an airplane. … RD863.html

Bill Woodin has at least a thousand examples from what I remember lookin at. Several trays with a few hundred in each tray.

Anyways, this one does not seem to have ever been loaded. Do not think therefore it would be a cable cutter. Some type of actuating cartridge, but what?

Could also be a “Bag Gun” primer.
155 mm guns used primers that looked very much like that.

Wish I knew of someone’s email that had a Bag Gun primer collection. Gregg, you may be right.

Artillery primer that is a press fit in a larger case?


Lock primers have been discussed on the Forum many times. Do a search and you’ll also find photos.

Case primers are a different design (larger) since they need to light the entire powder charge.

What you have is neither, AFAIK.



Nothing other than the M82 Percussion Primer, and I have and know what that is. This one is very small and uncharged. similar to a 38SPL case but thin machined rim and heavy wall.

1.3 Cannon percussion primer.
Have it with the primer size you show headstamped W [over] 17 & one stamped F [over] 1 3 4 3 5 - 5 which I think is by FA

And by UMC [both unheadstamped] with a larger diameter primer in live & factory dummy [hole in primer and case body] variations.

But nothing in WW II era as you show.


The ones you spoke of are just primed like mine with no load?

1.3 Cannon percussion primer is for which cannon, does anyone know?

Pete, thanks for the input as always.

All mine are loaded, but for the dummy which also shows a taper crimped paper topwad.
Don’t know which weapons / case types it was used.

There is also a shorter variation, same dia. but 1.040" OAL. It exists (to my knowledge) in two variations; a solid case like the one you have & the other with 4 rows of holes, alternating between one mid-case hole & two holes (1 below & 1 above the single hole) per row, a sort-of mini artillery primer.

I only have one of the multi-hole style & fired, it shows no headstamp. Another “normal solid case” has U . M . C . [120º spacing + the “dots” in between the letters are also at 120º from each other] impressed into the brass primer cup. Very neat primer marking.

Not sure what these would be for but I’d expect 20mm to perhaps 37mm case types