Storing my 8mm collection

I picked up a wooden box from Ebay for my small 8mm collection.
The Kurz are stacked longways - two deep, and I filled all the spaces with ww2 9mm boxes - they are quite small and fit perfectly -
It’s quite a nice way to display it, and keep the boxes crisp.
I know it’s a small collection - but I am still a “tourist” in this hobby.
But, I do enjoy it - BTW 1100 rounds is too heavy for the wood, and definitely the canvas so it’s a stationary exhibit, lol.

Nice bunch of boxes and an interesting case. Don’t “apologize” for a “small collection.” We all start somewhere. In my view, the only requirement for any collection of anything is that is brings the owner of it pleasure, and hopefully as one goes along, knowledge of a subject in which he is interested.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

Oh no - is the box bad?

It was a cheap one, lol.

Nothing wrong with the box. cheap or otherwise.

Look for some metal drawers of the necessary height & not so deep if full you will break the the cabinet. That way you will have room to expand & look at just one caliber when you want to check something & not have to move others you don’t need to move to get to the ones you want.

Boxes if full, need as little handling as can be done. Especially those steel cased German as they are likely destroying them selves from within. When they start to leak to the exterior the acid will start working on the boxes themselves & make them weak. If touching another box the first will immediately start working on the 2nd. By leaving space only the one gets damaged (if not caught in time).

Wood is not the best material for storing cartridges, even if they are in cartons. Check a sampling of the cartridges from time to time. If you see any evidence of deterioration, get everything out of that box into something made of steel or plastic.

I believe I have a few 1500 round cases of the same manufacture & loading lot in the shooting pile. My cases are marked P162 8.L. 40. JH

Yes - those are great, Haak - they are certainly better looking when they are full :)
(Please don’t shoot those!!)

Interesting advice about not having the boxes touch each other, i hadn’t considered that at all.

I was focusing on keeping the card and paper labels in good order, as they kept getting knocked, and slightly moved, in the drawer I had them in, I presumed they would be better cared for nicely packed in the wooden box, but you’re right a (Rust/chemical) contamination would pass through the cardboard.
I will keep checking them from time to time - it is very dry here.

Really looking for more Kurz (7.92x33mm) - a battle-pack of that would be something.

Thanks you for the kind comments and thoughts, gents,