Story about an old Grizzly Bear

This is only slightly ammo related. It concerns an old Grizzy with a deformed foot that killed a lot of livestock and several people about a hundred years ago. When it was finally killed and the carcass was skinned they found a huge number of bullets in it. Over a hundred if my memory serves me correctly. I believe it is stuffed in a museum somewhere and the bullets are part of the exhibit.
Can anyone provide a reference or a link to the story? He had a name “Ole Claw Foot” or something of the sort.

I found this, not sure if it’s the same bear: … /912210317

Vince here is even more. This looks like everything you could possibly want to know. - written by the nephew of the bear’s final hunter.

Thanks to Tailgunner and Aaron for that. Thats definitely the one. Its the bullets found in him I was particularly interested in but now I have a name I can do my own searching.