Straight-walled bottleneck case cartridges

Hello guys,
What I did to get to that combination was to combine the two types of cases - straight and tapered, bottleneck and “non”-bottleneck. By doing this you get four types of cartridges: straight non-bottleneck known simpler as straight, tapered non-bottleneck known simpler as tapered, tapered bottleneck known simpler as bottleneck (all bottleneck cartridges have tapered cases) and straight bottleneck which is kinda unusual. The only cartridge of that type found by myself using SAAMI was the .357 SIG. Do you know any other cartridge of that type?

Depending on your strictness of the definition “straight” and willingness to consider commercially available / supported Wildcats, I know of two families of cartridges from Mad Dog Weapon Systems that I’d consider straight-walled bottle neck rifle. The first is based on 5.56x45mm/.223 Rem. The cases are slightly shortened and fire-formed with a new 30-degree shoulder and nearly straight walls. Currently available in .204, .243 (6mm), and .257 caliber; additional calibers including .17, .264 (6.5mm), and .277 (6.8mm) are forthcoming.

The 5.56/.223 Rem parent case is 0.374" (+/-) just above the extractor groove. At the body-shoulder junction, these MDWS wildcats are .369 (+/-); approximately .005" taper over greater than 1.25" of body length. Even though the 6mm version is 2.5mm shorter than the parent case, once fire-formed, it has greater internal H2O capacity/volume.

The other family of MDWS cartridges similar in being (nearly) straight-walled is based on the 6.8x43mm SPC case. Again, the case walls are blown out and the shoulder angle made more blunt - resulting in a respectable case volume increase. MDWS calls this the “General Purpose Cartridge” (GPC) family and has commercially produced GPC brass available, or one can fire-form their own. Multiple calibers are planned for this family including .204, .224, .243, .257. .264, .277, .284, and .308.

Would 5.7 Johnson Spitfire count since it is a bottlenecked .30 carbine? There are headstamped cases in that caliber.

For the purposes of determining what exactly is considered as “straight-wall”, you might consult the lists of cartridges in states that have hunting laws for use of these cartridge types only.