Strange 0,303" case

Here’s one that’s been mystifying me for a while. Is it some kind of production fault? If so, how did it ever get this far into the production cycle and more importantly, how did it survive to be sitting on my desk?

The base is a perfectly normal 0,303" case, no headstamp but a primer pocket with fireholes and anvil. The case length is within specification but there is no shoulder, or rather there is but it appears at the very end of the case. There is a bullet fitted which has a degree of movement in the case mouth. The whole ensemble is 3.315" with the bullet extended and 3,090" with it pushed into the case. The exposed part of the bullet is 1.135" when extended.

The bullet is magnetic and has something which prevents it from falling out. I’m hesitant about tugging too hard in case I ruin the thing, whatever it might be.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I suspect that if you pull the ‘bullet’ out you will probably find a file or knife blade attached. I have similar looking devices - made in WW2 factories from components on hand. Give that bullet a good tug! Regards JohnP-C.

I agree with John.

How long is the case? (although I am hesitant to ask the question after my poor judgement of the length of the .455 case and Armourer’s snappy reply!)