Strange 14.5x115mm cartridge


The incredible thread on 14.5mm ammunition in Libya and the blue painted bullets caused me to remember several photos that a friend sent me of a unique bullet, so I thought I would post them and see if y’all could tell me anything more about the bullet and manufacturer of the cartridge. He included a standard API round on the left for comparison; the strange cartridge is on the right in these photos and closeup. The headstamp appears to be arabic, with a “70” at the 6 oclock, 3xarabic characters at the 10:30 position and two arabic characters (first sort of looks like a capital T, second like a V.) Case is brass he said. Thank you very much.


I can’t see the headstamp clearly, but it is almost surely Egyptian. If an original load, looks like some type of practice round.


Could it be something a shooter in the USA has had made so they can shoot a PTRD in an area that prohibits AP or Incendiary projectiles?


That brass bullet is one that was loaded by Big Sky Surplus in the US. As mentioned it was used to replace the original API bullet.

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