Strange .22 headstamp, odd .223 and recent finds

Sometimes I bring my metal detector to the gravel pit near me, and I found some stuff:
2 .223 Rem/5.56 NATO cases with the NATO cross H/S and LC 99 (The odd .223)
1 Remington .40 SW case
1 Winchester .380 Auto
2 .17 HMR cases
2 .22 LR cases (The strange H/S)

The .22 cases have a headstamp that resembles 2 triangles superimposed on each other. My drawing below. What brand/manufacturer is this? … g.html?o=0

Now, the .223 cases are of the standard Nato cross at 12:00 and arsenal name and date on bottom. However, the 2 dots that normally surround the cross are out of place on 1 case. They are shifted to about 7:00 (Photo below). … g.html?o=0
Could this be a bunter error?

The “dots” on the 5.56x45 are marks from SCAMP case forming machinery (Small Caliber Ammunition Modernization Program. It allows inspectors to identify the machine that made the cases in the event a problem arises at some time in their life. There is no “normal” location for the dats. They vary by machine.


The .22 rimfire cases were made by PMC.

Thanks guys.

You can tell which of the machine positions stamped the case by adding up the dots that are impressed.

With the NATO Symbol at 12 o’clock,

Clock Position of the dot in the left column corresponds to the Machine Station in the right column.

2 = 4
4 = 8
6 = 16
8 = 1
10 = 2

With dots at 4, 8 and 10, for example, that would be station #11.