Strange 7.92 label on PS slovakian 16rd 9mm box 1946

I found this full 1946 9mm box at SLICS, and had never seen one exactly like it before, nor had another collector who is much more serious into these types of boxes than I am. Granted, it is post-war, but it has the look of the typical wartime German style, and the mixed-lot # cases are all 1945 left-overs. This would seem to be one of the many late-1945 / 1946 productions using left-over German military-spec packaging.

The odd thing is that the label denotes it as 7.92mm instead of 9mm. The label appears otherwise correct. This seems an egregious error, and I wondered if this label type is known? I removed a staple to get at the rds so I didn’t have to cut the label, and then scanned all three sides for a composite full-label photo below. Also, the 4 headstamp variations found within are shown.

DK - that is a very interesting label, but surprisingly, not too rare a one. I have one as well, and I know other 9 mm box collectors that also have it.
It has to be a boo-boo. I know of no one who can find any other excuse for the “7.92” caliber-designation. The label clearly states it is pistol ammunition for the German Model 08 Pistol (the Luger) (VZ 08 (N) ).

Thanks John. The other collector I asked is strictly wartime or pre-war, which explains his lacking it.