"Strange" 7.92x57mm Mauser round

LIVE or FIRED 7.92x57mm Mauser round ?!? (the 3rd or 4th Mauser round of THIS “kind” I found…)

Its czech Mauser zbrojovka Brno with heavy Bullet Z zbrojovka Brno. IV april 1938. If you are looking for some alive can try to get and take to germany meeting in septemper.

I would say that cartridge was a misfire which was discarded.

The primer shows an impression of a firing pin. However it does not appear to have been flattened by the pressures produced by firing.

The powder is most likely still in the case.

Indeed…I would say the same (I don’t see another ‘option’…) . I’m curious if someone found a cartridge just like this…?!

So…bad ammo…?! As I said…it’s the 3-4th Mauser round of this “kind” I found in that zone… .

Is THIS cartridge “safe” or not now…?!?

Bad firing pin strike and/or bad primer. It won’t go off from just handling it but treat it as a live round just in case.