Strange 9x19mm FN loads

Today a friend sent me a photo of a round headstamped: “9mm 92 FNB (NATO)” that was described as a 9mm/4,5 x 19 CLAW experimental.

I have never seen this round or heard of an FN CLAW experimental.

But I do have the two similar rounds below in my collection.

The one on the left was described to me as a mid-1980s ballistics test round for a .27 rifle bullet. They were just using it from a 9mm case and test barrel to look at the down range flight characteristics. The headstamp is the same as the round above but dated 1983. The .27 bullet is stongly magnetic. Although is looks similar, I doubt it has anything to do with my friends cartridge.

The other is perhaps more relevant. First, it has the same 1992 headstamp as the initial round from my friend. It is reportedly a test to improve the penetration and retain the stopping power of a 9mm round by inserting a 5.56mm AP bullet in the tip. The opening in the tip for the rifle bullet is 4.55mm so if it is actually a 5,56mm bullet, and based on the bit of ogive available it could be, the 9mm bullet was formed around the 5.56mm bullet. This could also be a 4.5mm bullet. Interestingly enough, this round also lacks a primer like the round my friend has. Perhaps this was also part of a CLAW project!

Lots of speculation and unsubstantiated stories here. Any info on any of these three rounds is appreciated.