Strange (according to me) 9 mm CF shotshell

could someone give me some info about this 9 mm CF shotshell?


No headstamps,the red thing inside the neck seems to be plastic or wax

Perhaps a flare ??

But first : is it 9 mm or 360 ??


I have several 9 mm CF and this round has the same base/rim/body diameter than them.

I removed the red plastic with a needle and this is what has appeared:
a paper wad with the number 6 or 9

If shaked it rattles,so there is shot inside of the case

its meausures are CLOSE but not IDENTICAL to those of other 9 mm CF and it is slighty bottleneck

rim diam: 11,33 mm
base diam:9,55 mm
neck diam:9,03 mm
"shoulder" diam:9,48 mm
case lenght:39,16 mm