Strange ammo deactivation of Gallery Experimental .30-06


I assume it is a way to deactivate this round. Was this way common?


[quote=“sksvlad”]I assume it is a way to deactivate this round. Was this way common?

I have use this method sometimes because is very convenient. You only need to file the case with a conical file.


I once heard this called a George Washington, presumably because it looks like the first axe cuts when felling a tree.

John E


This is usually done by people who have no oter tools on hand - or don’t bother much, alternatively also done with a hack saw. The other version I have seen so far was using a nail to punch a hole into the case (which looks much more decent but is kinda tricky I guess).

Vlad, what projectile is that on there?


Looks like a pointed lead bullet partially pulled out

The black band just above the case mouth should be grease


That is a 198 grain lead bullet. The cartridge is one of the very early Gallery Experimentals. There’s another with a 150 grain round nose bullet.



Very interesting, too bad it got treated this way.


l to r:

Gallery Experimental 198 grain - FA 3 08
Gallery Experimental 150 grain - FA 4 08
M1906 Guard - FA 10 08
M1906 Guard - FA 18
M1919 Gallery, M1 Guard - FA 20

Let’s see some other Gallery/Guard cartridges.



Ray, thanks to Alex I know more about it. I got a huge $5 bag of old ammo at the show and I thought this projectile was made up at a beerfest. Why is bullet seated back into a fired cartridge? Was that for display? And why to cut an already fired cartridge?



You’ll never answer any of those questions. I can think of several scenarios that would have resulted in the cartridge that you have but they’d be nothing more than SWAGs.

Is it a 30-06 or a Cal .30 M1906?? ;) ;)



The primer on that cartridge looks like it misfired as it doesn’t look pushed out enough. Someone could have removed the powder after the misfire for whatever reason.



That’s a neat old cartridge.


Nice selection there. Moved by contribution to Randy’s thread. (Well, it was .30 Caliber!).




Nice one! Like new. Do you have the single ball also? Randy probably has 20 or 30 variations.



So… Is this a bullet for a gallery load? Looks like similar



That looks like it, or one very similar. Did you get that one from me?

It was a commercial bullet cast in an Ideal mould. Weight 198 grains. Length 1.215".



Dave E

Randy has started another thread on the Krag gallery cartridges. You might want to move your post over there.



yeah,I got it from you.Actually there are some difference in shape between your bullet and the one for the gallery load .



Since the Gallery bullets were cast in 1908 +/- and the ones I gave you came from the same mould number but cast in 1950 +/-, I would not be surprised to find some differences.