Strange bullet


What is this 45 Cal Bullet supposed to do or is for?


I could be completely wrong but it looks to me like someone pulled the bullet out of the casing and then re-seated it upside down.


Yes you can even see the dot-crimps in both the case and the bullet.


That is absolutely simply a CN FMJ RN bullet pulled out and then
put back into the case upside down. I do this when I want to retain
a sample of bullet and case for one reason and another, and don’t want
to chance losing the bullet or getting it mixed up, or if I am showing a
bullet-base marking. Otherwise, when I pull a bullet to see some internal
feature of the case, or I simply am sent, for one reason or another, an empty
case along with the pulled original bullet, I set the bullet next to the case in
my collection, and if I also have a fully loaded round, I put them next to that

John Moss


What about this case? I found it among a lot of 7,65 FN brownings. It seems to me a cast bullet, lead, reload (some weird shooter doing that!) but at least a strange bullet?


Not sure if it is a reload Dirk, I have the same, including the same hst.
IMG_0086 (Small)

Looks like a .32 long sw bullet, weight is 72 gr. Weird, we got separate this ctg from the same re-loader? The world is small, but that small?


To John Moss
Thanks for the tip you were spot on took your advice and pulled the this thing out
yes the bullet was upside down on an empty case.You know John I hear so much
on this forum from all sources of guys pulling bullets in almost 50 years messing
with ammo I have always refrained from it I have done it maybe a half dozen
times in all those years and then only thinking this thing is fucked anyways.
I just done ir now because I really was sure that you were right on this one
and you were thanks


Thanks for your reply yes when we find these things a lot of guess work sets in and often all of us
think we found a nugget but often we are disappointed so was I but John Moss had it right some
bugger just turned the bullet an of a little dream


Sherryl - my comment was about the Canadian 9 mm with the
long lead bullet. I had no opinion on the .32 auto. The shape
was very much like one type of Hungarian 9 x 18 mm Makarov
bullet, but that is jacketed and has a deep case cannelure to stop
bullet set-back.

I would keep that .32 bullet. It is quite an interesting shape, at
least to me. I assume it was originally intended for .32 S&W Long,
which is a very nice, low recoil target round capable of very good
accurracy. Not sure how it would go in .32 auto.

John Moss