Strange carcano headstamp

I found a fired ruined carcano case that is headstamped " S B 18",this is an uncommon carcano headstamp and could be a Sellier & Bellot production.Can you confirm this?

Pivi: I’ve seen this described as a product of Succursale Bologna but don’t know if documentary evidence is available. JG

Yes,I had been said that this ammo is a product of Pirotecnico di Bologna,S B identify the government inspector

By late 1917, the Italian requirement of 6,5 ammo had reached such quantities that “succursale” ( subsidiary) plants were established to meet the demand. ( the return to battle after the disaster at Caporetto)

The Pirotecnica di Bologna set up a subsidiary cartridge plant using the initials SB (Succursale Bologna) and the two digit year date typical of Gov’t Plants. SB is NOT the initials of the Inspector of Bologna Factory.

The headstamp was short lived, after the Armistice of 4 November 1918, the SB Plant was re-absorbed into the Bologna and Capua Factories.
18 is the most production, but some 17 does exist.

Refer to “Il 91” by Simondi, Belogi and Grimaldi ( published about 1970 or so, Ravizza, Milano.)

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Hi Doc

take a look here.They say it is a production of " succursale di Bologna",but according to them S B identify " Santoro Bernardo"


PS is it a rare headstamp?

The S B 17 and S B 18 are not rare in the US.

They are cartridges produced near the Establishment of Pirotecnico di Bologna. All the loadings of the cartridges until to today known they are ordinary as the balls (except a cartridge to unknown use).
The production began in the June of 1916 caused by the strong war application. The new line of production was submitted to the ing. Santoro Bernardo already capotecnico collaudatore (inspector) to the section of assemblage baits of artillery mod.910 and loading detonators. The production happened with disks in brass furnished by the Italian Metallurgical Society (S.M.I.) You news is drawn by pages of a magazine "“Artiglieria e Genio” del 1922
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Your English is fine. It is quite understandable and your English is a LOT better than my Italian!!!

Also available in loading clips although I’ve only seen 1916 and 1917… so far!