Strange case

Found this empty case on a shooting range.

Head stamp looks like a .45 ACP.

What is it.


Standard Military Remington Arms 1968 .45 ACP case, which has a head/rim turning defect or a Head Bunter defect…if you are referring to the scalloped outer edge of the rim.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Last weekend came across a Rem. .303Br. Empty brass(new) case .303 without flash hole… in a new bag of Remington cases. They also get slightly defective cases (wrinkles in case necks etc) which is probably why they overload the 50 round bags with up to 3 extra cases (filled by weight, not count). I have gone through so many bags of Rem. .303 for case conversions ( .303/25 and .303/270) that I have accumulated over 50 cases extra (?Bulk Discount?), not counting replacing the defective ones( about 10 overall in the same lot.).

Regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics.