Strange Garand clip found at SLICS


Found one of these on Anne’s table. Any idea what it is for? Is it some sort of action test clip??


Maybe some kind of tool or gauge to check if clips were in-spec?


It is attached to the clip and does not come off.


Hard to tell much from the photo. Could it be for single shot firing with a Garand? Does it even fit in a Garand?



Do you know the country of origin? The US gave out M1’s like candy after WW2 and it may help to determine what it is if we know where it is from. I showed the picture to a former US Army Armourer who served during the Korean War and he had never seen anything similar but speculated that it could be an action blocking tool, the small tabs at either end blocking the bolt from going into battery.



Ken, I think that is the best guess yet. I don’t have a Garand but I’m going to a buddy’s house who does to try it out.


Please let us know the results I would love to know what it actually is.


Having worked with M1’s for many years, both live fire (Pre-'96) and Cinematic/Re-enactment Blank fire since 1980s), one of the common problems is “crushed clips” This plate seems to return a clip back to its correct “spread” and normalize the pressure on the cartridges in the clip (Too tight, and there is failure to feed; too loose, and double feeds can occur).

Just my opinion…never seen such a tool, but I would think they would be available at Base Armoury level, for use with Training-recovered clips ( Battle clips are “expense stores”…use it and lose it!.)

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How many rounds does it hold?


None. Near as I can tell, the piece on the top is permanently mounted to the clip.


From the picture, it looks like the clip is pressed on and I suspect that the rust is keeping it there. I’d drop it in an electrolysis bath.