Strange headstamp on 8x50R Lebel case


Please, help me to ID this strange headstamp on fired 8x50R Lebel case


Hi Treshkin,
I found this in Curtis Steinhauer’s Headstamp Guide -
86D = Mle 1886
ASI = Aerators Ltd,London
UK contract WW1



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I quite forgot this Britain 8x50R lebel manufacture!


The headstamp is actually “ASL” for Aerator Systems Ltd, not “ASI”. The “86D” refers of course to the cartridge type, the “Balle D”.

Other British contractors to the French government in WWI were:
Greenwood & Batley (G&B)
Birmingham Metals and Munitions Co. (BMM)
Kings Norton Metal Co. (KN)



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Note, generally GB just build the case, cartridge are build by AVE Vincennes factory, with french bullets ( often with ECP marks)
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Thanks for this interesting comment, Munavia! And special thanks for your beautifull web site.

But I would like to specify: It concern to all GB manufacturers or only ASL? I have some G&B and BMM cartridges - all loaded with sliced cordite and with English bullets.


I think all the figures are know, function if the market is for parts only, or for complete ammos, certainly function of date.
Kynoch too produce it after war for commercial business …
After war cases from US and GB was used for blank ammos.
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I have one old pic made since 9/10 years ago with CTG blank rebuild with english cases …
Not really good, really bad …
we can not read exactly the hstp, sorry
Amic, Dan


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If I may add a small detail, on the specimens with the 86 D AA hstp as shown on the drawings, letters "A A"are for “Amorçage Anglais” or british primer, as they were diverse from the French ones (no primer cover).

Most of the remains of the British and US-made contract 8 mm Lebel ammo were declassed from their “war ammo” status (=in French so-called “bonnes de guerre”) after 1919, and reloaded as wooden-bulleted blanks, as the ones shown on Gilberti’s picture.