Strange hstp-6.5x53.5R

I opened a box of 6.5 x 53.5 R Mannlicher ctges for Portugal

The label of the box is
Fabrica de Chelas
10 cartuchos com bala de 6.5m/96

Inside were two clips of 5 ctges.

First interesting thing is the fact the clips are headstamped DM in an oval.

Another surprise is the fact all the ctges have not the same hstp.

Some of them are hsted * / AE / * / 1930, which is normal.

But some are hsted P F S

What is the meaning of P F S (or F S P or S P F)

I thought it was DWM coded but it doesnt fit

Any info ?

Do the PFS-marked catridges have the large .250 in. primer typically found in the AE-produced examples? Jack

no, they are smaller

Jeanpierre: It’s a very interesting mystery. I hope someone has the answer. Jack

PFS should be Patronenfabrik Solothurn. Can you show us the hs? We may say more after we have seen it.

Here it is

Was the box factory sealed, or just closed?

I don’t remember!!

So, any idea ?,
Is it Soluthurn or not ?
And why hstps with DM on the clips ?

JP: The clips marked DM probably are by DWM, and might be recycled items predating the manufacture of the cartridges or clips currently supplied by DWM after WW.I. Finnish 7.62 m/m Mosin ammunition from the 1930s is frequently seen on DM-marked clips, and my assumption has been these clips, unloaded, were supplied to Finland by DWM. Perhaps someone can comment on the Finnish-DM clip story. Jack

Thank you
And what about the hstp ?
Is it sure it is from Soluthurn ?

Yes the headstamp is Solothurn, Switzerland.

Thanks to all